Ray is an independent artist, singer, songwriter. You can contact him through email for any of the following:-

Covering existing, or creating new material for solo singers, bands, theme songs, musical scores, email your interest, need, project info, genre of interest, or concept thinking at .

Lorraine Cook

For advertising, jingles, corporate, television, film email .

Podcasts – whatever you need there, from concept to full production and recording, voice overs, narration, original music including professional assistance with placing same on your website, email .

Talent. If you are currently recording, or working on a recording project, and looking for new material we prefer to work through your producer, or affiliated industry professionals.

Producers. Due to an established history of success in the recording studio both as a singer and songwriter for others, Ray is most comfortable working with peers and industry professionals. We speak the same language and invite you to here to chat about your ideas and needs.

Ray lives in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia 50 minutes out of Byron Bay. He rarely works live gigs these days however is regularly in rehearsals with a variety of musicans from around the globe for special appearances or charity benefits. For bookings contact .