Europe's warm welcome.

Radio BluesMy first hit song was in Switerzerland, I was 18 when I wrote that, an instrumental in the surf groove. The new BLU-AZZ album hasn't yet hit the major radio network in Oz but in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and in the south of Germany, oh and on their web site, Radio Aria, Radios Blues, has yet again welcomed my work into their considerable radio audience. Perhaps it's the European exposure and acceptance of niche styles that makes them so eager to embrace new work, whatever my work offers those ears I am forever humbled by their eager acceptance and exposure. Merci beaucoup.

Regional Australia have always been supportive of independant artists from the homeland and I give thanks to Coffs Harbour's Community Radio DJ Grant, Scott at ABC Central Coast, and Wendy at Narrandera NSW. The feedback has been fantastic and happy to help you guys anyway I can.

So welcome to a goodnight (or day) with Ray Burton.

Since I've recently stuck my head up again on the big music business stage people have been asking "so where have you been for the last however long" My reply: "Around, I've been around." We die-hard seasoned muso's never give up we just keep pulling strings.

When I was a kid I joined a tough club where few survive their first decade. It's the exclusive SINGER/SONGWRITERS club. It came with a lifelong membership with no 'unsubscribe' permitted.

Four decades on I've managed to win a few trophies in varying events, Gold, Platinum for No1 position in the US and Oz, and I think the UK, top 10 charts. A number of hits in the top 20. Silver screen credits in movies and on the tele (nice to see your name on the same billing as Julia Roberts "Best Friends Wedding" but no I have never met the lady), a stage show written by Sam Shepherd, writing, composing and arranging the score. Plus the real bonus, doing what I love, working with and becoming lifelong friends to many of the best musicians, producers, and engineers on the planet. Give it up? Not likely!

Songwriting remains my first love, she is my mistress and when I neglect her she is punishing - bad moods, sleepless nights, crabby attitude so I've learnt to give her what she wants - songs, lots of songs. Insatiable wench that she is.

New, original material ready to go.

    What do you do with a NOW library of over 100 songs, many of which have never been recorded? And that's not counting the stuff I've yet to finish or revisit. My copyright catalogue at APRA lists over 65 songs, many begging to be re-released and re-recorded by hot, young, hungry musicians.

    In my project studio are a lifetime of instrumentals, lyrics and music concepts for movie and television themes, solo artists and bands so email us what you're into, after or need and we'll see if there is something I have that fits.

Advertising jingles, music, theme songs and promos keep our engine churning between larger projects.

Lorraine CookRay and Lorraine have worked for a host of blue-chip clients including Coca-Cola and P&O, Commonwealth Bank to Amex, Time-Life to Omega Smeg, Ferrari to Maserati, Milk Marketing to even our local roller-door garage retailer.

Want to know more? Contact Lorraine who's been a creative director in Sydney Advertising for over 27 years with a heap of coveted awards in her bag too. Lorraine cut out of the advertising fast lane a few years ago to study full time for her Diploma in silversmithing, jewellery and object making. Drop in and have a look at her creative work, I'm impressed but luckily so are your patrons.

Current Projects

New singer/songwriter showcase album is now released. Recorded at Studio 301 Byron Bay with a handpicked band the album is now available from CD Baby.

Casey SummervilleCheray BurtonAnother songwriting project that is in the bag is the theme song for a short film written for Kc Summerville who's shaping up to be a gifted young film director.

My daughter Cheray, a singer, songwriter (2007 top 24 performer in Australian Idol), did the vocals on the song Lillian. Casey (Kc) recently graduated with his Bachelor of FITV at Bond University and the film achieved top nomination for the Short Film Festival and Warners award.

AYERS ROCK No2 Download in Sunbury 73-74 re-release.
Anyone remember them other than the die-hard 'Ayers Rock' followers of the 70's?

Highlights of Sunbury 73-74 Album CoverWhat is interesting is the first song I wrote for the original pre Ayers Rock trio (Burton, Maguire, Kennedy) was "Morning Magic". Months later, our band by then known as Ayers Rock played it at Sunbury '74. Mushroom never recorded it in a studio, who knows why now? As it turns out it's the No.1 Ayers Rock download on iTunes, and No2 on the Highlights of Sunbury 73-74 re-release album on the Liberation Music label. Scratchy as all hell, someone's grabbed it off an old vinyl album from some recording on the day and they haven't bothered to clean it up with restoration software, but still an all time favourite.

That about wraps it up. Lots happening. Love to hear from you.



Order the CD or download at ...



Just back from the 2009 Songwriters Conference at Ettalong, Central Coast, NSW. I mentored the inaugral conference (2008) and was so impressed I agreed to return this year 2009. 

If you're in the business, just starting your career or been around a while you have to put it on your calendar.

ANDREW FARRISS from INXS gave a great talk and insight into his style and method of songwriting all the way through to how they produce their unique sound. It was great catching up with him professionally and socially and many budding songwriters seized the moment to chat with him.

For the country songwriters ADAM HARVEY was both entertaing and shared much of the pleasure and pain of the road to hit maker.

JASON BLUME is worth traveling from anywhere in the country to listen and learn from. His credentials - songs on Billboard’s Pop, R&B, and Country charts - all at the same time. Artists he's written for include Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Jesse McCartney and Nashville names such as Collin Raye, the Oak Ridge Boys and John Berry. Jason's songs are on albums that have sold more than 50 million copies!

Do yourself a favour, clear the creative block, mingle, mix and get yourself first hand knowledge about an industry that never stops moving. Visit the website for the 2010 conference - see you there.

Burger King I Am Man Ad Campaign

I AM MAN. Look I know I'll never shake the "I Am Woman" notoriety but I had a great chuckle watching the Burger King new US advertising with a bunch of guys, in fact it looks like a cast of thousands, all singing passionately "I AM MAN". Check it out. And "no" I did not approve the song to be used by BK, Helen Reddy did, sorry ladies not my call so no more emails.

Have to admit though that when I was working on the original song I danced around my apartment strutting my stuff like these guys are doing, punching my fist into the air singing loudly "I AM woMAN", my girlfriend, at the time, was a bit worried about where our relationship was heading!

Kirk LorangeOn to guitar man Kirk Lorange, if you don't know who he is then you've never picked up a guitar and wanted to 'really' play it and never heard the best of talent right here on our home shores. The reason I'm mentioning him here is that I don't give guitar lessons but people never stop asking. If you really want to listen, and learn, from the best this is where you start, or start to improve on what you already know - Kirk even provides FREE online lessons, it doesn't get any better than that. This is not a paid advertisement, I'm simply telling it as it is.

Ray at Myspace!

Find Ray on MySpace! and have a listen to some recently completed tracks recorded at Studio 301 Byron Bay.